NatGeo: Lost Treasures of Afghanistan

Afghanistan at the crossroads of the silk wood it gathered the treasures of the ancient world. And in possibly reach mosaic of cultures left their history written in the ground, but in the last three decades war and terrorism devastated Afghanistan’s cultural legacy. Yet in this place, which is in endure invaders as fierce and this Alexander the great and Genghis khan the past won’t die. Now two man set out on historic quests to rediscover Afghanistan’s greatest lost treasures. 1. A Russian archaeologist seeks to prove the existence of one of the ancient world’s greatest trolls, containing more gold objects in the ton of King Tat. Not a single treasure in the world is such a detective story.

The other an afghan archaeologist is on the trail of riches greater than gold. One of the largest statues ever created. This colossus may survive in the rubble with the Taliban destroyed. It is two giant brothers. I will offer up the thousand-foot Buddha, as a response to the Taliban. Across Afghanistan, treasures re-emerge into a nation re born. Each came to light because of the courage of Afghans who risk death, to take on extremists threatening their heritage. To build a future Heroak Afghans claim their past lost treasures of Afghanistan.

With the guns of Afghanistan, all but silent for the first time in decades, those with deep roots here can finally come home. Afghan American not yet Tarsi head in his association dedicated to preserving Afghan antiquities, she also raises funds to support the work of her father. A world-renowned archaeologist, Nadia grew up in Europe, where she dreamed of this moment. The first time she would ever set foot in Afghanistan a home land, she is never known. Her destination is some hundred and fifty miles of the west. There in the Bamiyan valley, Nadia his father Doctor Somalia like Tarsi searching for a treasure of monumental importance for Afghanistan. For the first time Nadia will take part in one of her father’s excavations.

The two have not seen each other in more than a year. But between them, like ten hours of bed roads and relics of the wars that kept Nadia coming to Afghanistan until now. The Tarsi’s reunion takes place in what has been called the world’s most beautiful valley.
Bamiyan here nestled into the Hindu Kush mountain range of three-mile long clip dramatically source four hundred feet above the valley floor. It is dominated by the hundreds of Buddhist caves that were occupied by some five thousand monks in Bamiyan high day. Has Buddhism spread from India to china it put down roots here and indoor this valley with monuments of faith. Wants two of the world’s largest statues of Buddha, earned Bamiyan the nickname. Valley of the gods, then in March 2001, the serene giants that had watched over Bamiyan for some fifteen hundred years fell. Blown up by Afghanistan’s Taliban Government. This chapter will always underline in the history of Afghanistan. Future generations will know what they did. People need to know at the beginning of the twenty first century, savages came into Afghanistan to destroy its heritage.

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