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It has taken me three to get here, in northeast Afghanistan in Batic Shown which is one most in Afghanistan. Decades of conflict sometime around shot at this point it is peaceful land, and this is now one of the poorest places in the world where half the population live on less than 50 clear day. One millions of pounds are being spent on the war in the south here in the isolated mountain villages impoverished North a unique British charity Afghan aid has worked tirelessly for more than 25 years, they provide agricultural support so people can feed themselves get children back into education and build a central roads and bridges.

Afghan aid have a staff for almost all local with a huge amount of knowledge and expertise, their trusted by communities in need is and this is particularly important when working with women. as a traditional culture here that restricts women from being freely seen or spoken to by men or foreigners.

Life here in Afghanistan has always been particularly tough for women during the Taliban’s reign, they were forced to hide away in their homes and was suffocated by the rule they were not allowed to go outside to the house work go to school or even to laugh out loud. Public whipping was the punishment to not covering you anchors, when the Taliban fell in 2001 it was optimism that women’s lives with improving.

But for most there is a long way to go every 28 minutes a woman’s eyes from childbirth in Afghanistan as an astounding figure and hearing bad action alone they experience the highest maternal mortality rates of anywhere in the world. There are only about two and a half thousand midwives a country around 30 million people and in this incredibly remote area medical facilities are almost impossible to find, it is there are complications in childbirth a mother may have to travel for up to six days in very harsh conditions.

To stop fifty women a day needlessly dying afghan aid were teaching volunteer women in the villages to share basic health care information an assist women giving birth, but the money for this training has run out. This is mogul who is was trained by afghan aids, and right now we are going to visit Priscilla, who is twins delivered by mogul. And there they all. When Priscilla gave birth won twin was breech. she was alone and excruciating pain mogul was summoned with the simple skills she had learned from Afghan aid she is able to prove baby power go out and and resuscitator.

So mogul what I think usual practices the giving birth, mogul says it was very normal for women to die due to heavy bleeding, because traditionally women sit over whole to give birth. They can hemorrhaging downing, babies are often in animal done it sounds weird but the thought behind is that keeps the babies warm. So this is the baby that mogul saved pulled out breech birth of Priscilla.

How do you feel about what mogul did, Priscilla says that she owes her life to mogul, although mogul did not have equipment or the medical facilities at the hospital. The training the Afghan aid gave her maintenance that she deliver the baby, which just goes to show that it is relatively simple procedure is and it can be really life-saving and what can see the results here.Mogul says the number of deaths is decreased twenty women use to die in the village every year, now the number fall into two or three.

So those two little katie’s the happy part of the story, but the sad part of the story is that the funding has run out so Afghan aid can train up more women like mogul to be able to live a happy and healthy babies which means that they will be deaths in villages everywhere. This Village is lucky to have mogul, it is only costs 10 pounds to train people like mogul, and they can teach other women in the village the simple health care that will save lives. There are hundreds of women here who need this now, one of Messori she is eight months pregnant and she is going to have to give birth on her own.

When you have had your children previously has a thing difficult, she says it was very hard as there are no doctors or clinics or facilities when she is had children previously this has happened in the house is the same as transportation, she experience very he is a heavy bleeding and so now with her seventh child some way first very poorly and very wink. And her greatest fear is who lack of the other children if she does starring CEC Afghan, ready to help said that they can get my health care workers back into my and it is again administering relatively simple procedure that moms like subri then have to guess he charged birth alone and afraid again.

More than hard for Afghanistan’s population is under the age of 19, young knives have been shaped by wall this is a generation that has lost its childhood. A nearly a quarter of children do not age the 5 and those who do survive often have to work hard with no chance of going to school. But Afghan aid is working give these children backpack charging and the last few years it is really sounds moving 3,000 children giving them a place to meet and share their problems he also teaches them to gain the confidence demand basic life and education.

And of course simply to play, more than half of afghan girls under sixteen for seen the marriages often to man moving twice that age, the marriage long that immature bodies can cope with the rigours a child by which makes him five times more likely to die in women in their twenties. Aseema is just 16 she was forced to be engaged at fourteen, aseema says that with Afghan aids teaching and support she was brave enough to convince her family to break the engagement, so she can finish school and achieve her dream to be a doctor.

Aseema says as really brilliant that she is off to going to school, then chose to go to university and you know she is really excited he can to seen her face and the opportunities that she has that she wouldn’t have had had she got married and at such a young age just amazing. I am deeply moved by this year is silly and since these communities against such adversity, just 25 pounds a month for paying teachers salary for a year and one of the nation’s 10 pounds is enough to train someone like mogul from life. she can then save the lives of hundreds of women baby Thank you!

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