GLOBAL PULSE: Afghan Women: Far From Equal (8/21/09)

Women are expected to wear a Burqa because the Taliban are active in this area, next on mobile homes. How these news outlets around the world are covering the struggle of women in Afghanistan.

Women have made progress in Afghanistan but even though they can run for office equality is still just a dream. High I am Erin Coker. Iran’s Press TV pointed out at the taliban’s treatment of women led to a justification for war.

“They sold the invasion of the way of driving out the Taliban, while empowering the female population but the Taliban, still in evidence and anything the wall who is becoming more bloody and entrenched. Is the more home been good for women’s rights,” said PressTV/Iran.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai has now signed a law that in a fact, return some women to the oppression experienced under the Taliban as ABC News reported.

The new law severely restricts the right in Afghanistan’s three million Shiite women. Allowing husbands to refuse support two wives who do not obey their sexual demands, and requiring women to get permission from their husbands to work. When the law was first signed in March its part outrage here and around the world, Karzai withdrew it but in the middle of the presidential campaign it is back apparent attempt to win votes among conservatives.

Even women who gain a measure a power can escape danger according to this report by the BBC. Every day when the first woman prosecutor here at needs home she does not know should see her children again. Maria Bashir is guarded round-the-clock extremists detonated a massive bomb outside her home last year. Maria the top law officer in the province is trying to give women human rights and equality they were promised that under the constitution adopted by President Karzai’s government five years ago, but this hasn’t happened. This woman cannot can protection from her husband and drug addict in idsa.

The organization Women for Women International reports that up to eighty percent Afghan women are affected by domestic violence. Nearly half of all girls are forced into marriage before 16 and eighty-five percent of women have no formal education only 38 percent of women registered to vote. But Al Jazeera found that many women through the ballot box is a key to equality.

Female schools continue to be burned and attacked by the Taliban now many want to fight back using the ballot boxes cut him up proudly shows us her voter registration card she will be using it for the first time.

“I got this cut to vote for a president who will serve my country and people I will vote for someone who will open schools,” said Khatima Abdullah.
Zeina Khodr “They’re hoping by casting their ballots their voices will be heard,” news by Zeina Khodr.

But even instrument of those voices their voter ID cards is exploited. Because the conservative nature of afghan society. Women don’t have to have their photographs on their ID cards. Any man could go on ask for the carts saying, “I have a number of women in the house”. Al Jazeera journalists have been offered cards for sale in six different provinces of Afghanistan. It is a crime much everyone is doing it.

In order to have any power in Afghan society some women go to extremes as Reuters revealed in this report. Every morning Okinawan a turbine around her head, straps on a pistol and heads to nearby villages and eastern Afghanistan seeking votes in the upcoming provincial elections. She cuts unusual figure in rural Afghanistan where women do not talk to men they do not know. She was made a tribal leader because other elders found her very brave. As an elder she adopted that turban and pants attire discarding typical women’s garments.

“Women do not have rights in Afghanistan, there is a big difference between men and women you are a man can say anything he wishes but a woman’s voice only suppressed.”
Former Afghan parliament member Malalai Joya told Belfast Telegraph. “Dust has been thrown into the eyes of the world by your governments. You have not been told the truth. The situation now is as catastrophic as it was under the Taliban for women.”

The two catastrophic for some Afghan women the BBC reported that in the town of her right. More than eighty women have set themselves on fire in the last 12 months.
So should the media be paying more attention to the struggle for women’s rights in Afghanistan. Tell us what you think go to our website to leave us a comment for Global posts Iren Coker.
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