Historic Fotage Of Buddha of Bamiyan in Hazara history

It was here that we would live in New York for several days while exploring the area. These have been built in typical Mongolian style by the government, especially for the comfort and convenience of those who wish to visit the exciting sites nearby. Inside, you are protected from a chilly night air by layers of felt placed over the read framework. And modern pilot facilities as well as hot water are available.

You will be quite comfortable on the bed stool and everything is spotless. It so well rested, we were ready to go out and explore the site of Bamiyan, a very famous city, and an area the whole valley the Golden Valley of Bamiyan is noted for an entire mountain range that was used by the Buddhist as a sacred place in centuries past. And that whole series at mountains there has Buddhist caves in it, religious, fanatics, religious priests came here curve the caves and they dedicated all these caves to Buddha. And when the Muslims came along, many of the caves were destroyed in fact the case were used as residences and the car from the fire covered many of the paintings inside and that sort of save those paintings. They have been able to remove the tar, deposits from the fires at the Sentul last two centuries and they are found Buddhist paintings some a them a great beauty in color inside the caves.

Tremendous Buddhist, religious, complex in this Bamiyan valley, there were places where you can see the remains of some other statues that had been attached by those holes to the background near the statue that long since disappeared. One tremendous statue is being restored by Indian, engineers and art is to have come up there and they are trying to restore this tremendous one, you can see how in the golden days these patent have ropes there and put the mud around the rope to cause the polls in the roads. But this is that was a small Buddha 125 feet, here is the large Buddha. The large Buddha is a hundred and seventy-five feet high, probably the biggest in all over the world and here is what remains a bit. The face was cut away many centuries ago when the Muslims took over this area but there have been David at the bottom there to give you an idea of size. And you’re looking up to 175 feet, and above its head above the head of the statue, we could see very unusual paintings we were told it might be possible to go up there and see the paintings at close range.

To reach the head of the Buddha you first climb up a little slope, which teach you half way to your goal. Here you are looking down on the fertile Bamiyan Valley guarded by in sports. Then you enter a series of caves they have discovered which lead right through the head of the statue. And we would like you to join us as we climbed through the winding passages on the clip, passing on the way Buddhist paintings which cover many other walls and ceilings.

And this is done with our portable battery light as we climb up in up. We are going to be up to 175 feet through this cave, as we head to the top at the Buddha. The statues that you seem, the caves themselves are fifteen hundred or more years old. And this is a secret way to get to the top at the border that they only recently discovered. The regular way to go up there was long since describe it you are able to get him some a back way. Here we are, going through these fifteen hundred year old passageways in there we are standing on top of the Buddha’s hand. Here you can see somebody, statue so you can see some of the paintings, you can see that they were fired a lot of the tribesmen they came here with their guns at work although splotches, there goes a bullet holes. Would you like to lean over the front to the Buddha with me? Let’s go up there and leave over the statue in look straight down it will be a lot of fun here it is 175 feet down look book. Do not get too close there. Well we climbed down again all the way down this way, and had one last look at that magnificent Big Buddha 175 feet high carbon these clips fifteen hundred years ago will continue in just a few moments.

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