Documentary: Afghanistan – The Unknown Country (part 1/5)

This is a country that is known war for 30 years. That may be how you know Afghanistan. I have been coming here for much of that time and there is another country too. Everyone who matters seems to have gone through here, Emperors, explorers, conquerors just a curious. To see something about this country and its people that captures the imagination and interest. I would say no one comes to Afghanistan once. I am on a journey through a launch, “I have grown to love a place that continues to amaze.” I would not have expected the head of the Islamic shrine to be riding it was special horse. You never know who you meet. I am going on a journey to take you beyond the headlines.

My journey begins in the far north of Afghanistan, bustling city of Mazar-i-sharif. It is the day before the first day of scream. The first day of the New Year now rules. Afghans travel from across the country to be here to celebrate this Ancient Persian tradition. The Taliban bands now rules this un-Islamic but it is a very Afghan time one of the most festive, holiday’s securities types. You have to admire their courage people bringing their families here driving for hours to reach shamishadi. You know but the threats them, the security but they lived in a country which has been at war for some 30 years. So they get used to it and they get on with life. They wanted to change but not to let it get in the way a good celebration.

And what better way to celebrate the New Year and with one of them much love traditions of the north, Wishkashing that means goat crappy, it is Afghanistan’s oldest sports its national game. Two teams fight over the caucus’s headless goat, they have to grab it Gallup free everyone else and drop it in the tops circled. I found myself sitting next to Paparakmurosay a young economist. Wishkashing has a wide range offense. Bushkashi use to have 100 of rider’s no teams, no written rules. It is a bit more organized now, but some still called it the world’s wildest game. It is not a sport for women although, Western women are given the status special guests. I came to the Wishkashing game right this very place more than 20 years ago, when the communists were moving Afghanistan.

In the midst of the Malay I spotted familiar face, what was cleric from masars most famous shrine tune on the playing field. Bushkashi used to be the game of choice for rival warlords. To reach on the horses they host the match. Today’s teams are sponsored by big business, but it does not change the spirits. Sounds like afghan election one team they won. And any other teams came and said no they did not won it is modulate it is go all the way to the end to the field. The disputes rage one team declared a boycott; I decided it was time for me to go to.

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