A Culture of War

In 1893 representative at the British Empire and the Emir of Afghanistan drew a line on a map and see than agreements for only one hundred years, today the Durand Line lives on as the border between two countries Afghanistan and Pakistan. A border still disputed by the 12 Pashtun tribes living in the region in 2004 Raza traveled into the heart of after pack struggling Afghanistan and Pakistan with the mainly Pashtun inhabitants cross the forbidden border on a daily basis, in the villages Donna officially located in Pakistan he meets a tribal weapon craftsman the Afridi. Entering this impenetrable fortress course utmost discretion so for the time being Reza, becomes a patch to the route is hazardous riddled with dangers out fix this car came under fire it’s a risk the comes with the job.

There were two young men with ak-47 and did jumped from a sugar cane field onto the road, and the they wanted us to stop and I told my driver circle up to stop because I told there was going to kill us inspector cut and he said no I won’t stop any speed away and he was bare who drive. In dialogue between Peshawar & Co hot the ethnically Pashtun Afridi tribes perpetuates the onto weaponry from father to son, the metal for weapons comes from the shipyard in Kochi houses in makeshift workshops crowd the courtyard behind the main route. In this workshop photos of bin Laden hang on the walls as it to testify to a lingering sympathy for the man some consider to be a saint battling Satan, still not all inhabitants have this village on members of the Taliban al Qaeda in Darra workers follow a precise procedure to produce sophisticated reliable weapon replicas.

This activity shapes all aspects have life in this market town, boys attend school halftime and the purest go to work at the workshops. These children are learning the fester and question all job here, They are small cares property poor people belong family so his family work so you know, they show this business. I’m just the name his city car as a court agency near to McCarten under the Swat agency. Of this sitting on the ground make bullets, once finished the weapons are tested before being delivered to fill orders that sometimes include thousands of firearms. The main thoroughfare is lined with shops which various rebel groups and members of the Taliban and al Qaeda open a shop undisturbed, local economy which makes Donna a major hub for illegal weapons sales. in one of the shops merchants his club’s how this killer pen works.

Writing and shooting that’s good for journalist, made in Japan know it’s made yours sup and the freedom yeah the winter 2010 okay and make like this think but for contempt this not how you take it off yeah yeah I’m here and then bang. In the tribal regions is normal for every family to own a weapon an ancestral tradition that lives on, some Afghans dream turning the shaded area on the map into a real passion state at night Matt the Pakistani government who would lose territory and influence a pretext stirring up trouble in the region.

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