Cultural Support Teams in Afghanistan

In January the pentagon officially lifted the ban on women serving in combat, but in Afghanistan some American women have been on the front lines
for years.

They are part of a so-called cultural support team are Elizabeth Palmer was given unprecedented access, it is just after breakfast and Captain Titania blank is opening up for business. Her first customers an afghan family from the neighboring village, state and the baby with nasty diaper rash. He of course has no idea he’s on go gorak US military base, and the medical staff are doctors but pioneering American women soldiers.

Basically all they need to use is this powder here, captain blank and Sgt. Eve Arazia are two members have an all-female team attached to mail special forces units at various bases in Afghanistan. The idea to connect with fifty percent of the population the male soldiers never saw, it was great to see you again before we got here they had absolutely no access to women whatsoever you know it’s a very conservative environment and they were then combined to you their home. Calleth a gender-specific hearts and minds campaign, Afghan women do come to visit get small gift and this is a valuable part talk. A young mother drop seen for example to report to Taliban bombs found in a nearby fields.

This is major win record once a senior Air Force gunner, she’s now in charge of the female teams attached to Special Forces. Afghanistan women in shoulder and warning enngage it all, and we were missing out on one a huge opportunity to gather the information that was needed to accomplish the mission. Because they know a lot, they were just never asked they do. Quite a bit but perhaps the most dangerous work for these female soldiers is at night on strike force raids to capture Taliban militants, in this video given to us by the military you can see them reassuring Afghan women and children.

Hearing the voice, it did it’s amazing how quickly things calm down just taking the women and children in taking them to a mosque or someplace else that’s away from the situation allows the Strikeforce to accomplish the mission, a study done for the military found that their is less violence when women soldiers joined the raids.

Sgt. Eve Araziah said, You gotta put yourself in that almost like a motherly role or sisterly role, either through your smile your voice you know the softly talking to them in explaining to them the situation, you hope that it works. But in just over a year most american soldiers will leave Afghanistan, and Afghan women in rural areas will probably never again see women in roles like this, so will the american women leave a legacy.

I think it’s going to leave an impression after we eventually plans something that they know as possible, something that they can pass on, remember when the Americans were here these that things the US females did for us, and taught us, and encourage us. actually believe us that really that’ll carry on. For CBS this morning Elizabeth Polymer Gorriak Afghanistan

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